How the things are going on CHIL KEY?

How the things are going on CHIL KEY?

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How the things are going on Chill Key? Although during last couple of weeks I could not be much active online but I remained attentive to Chill Key. Sure there are few reason behind it. The biggest reason if you like to know is that this is the first web from my sweet home land Pakistan which is determined to pay its users. Being a nationalist Pakistani I really desire to see this web nourishing.
I see new member on this nice platform every day but honestly to say it not as it might be. I was waiting for this web to be active since last many months. I felt very encouraging at that day when Chill Key was activated by its administration team. I published my posts too and of course I was honoured by liking and by commenting. That means people are working here but I just my friends I want to know that what do you think how the things are going on Chill Key? Are you happy here on this amazing social platform?

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Dear Bro, What Is Your Facebook Account Name Or ID, I Need To Connect With You, Let Me Know Please.

Everything is not fine here. You once told about some suggestions. what about these?