Disables and their prestige.

Disables and their prestige.

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What are the special arrangements for special people here my homeland Pakistan. This is my question to every single person and the authorities in my country Pakistan. I am not talking about mental retarded or hearing impaired person here for the moment I am here just talking only physically retarded people.
Do you see any allocated parking area for these special people. Hmmmmm why to say parking areas for disabled persons while they do not have such special vehicles. Ok tell me if there is any special arrangement for these people even in mosques. No.. I am sure no. Not even on airports and in the the big shopping malls there are no special arrangements for physical retarded persons. So sad.
Is this our level of understanding of civil rights. Where is governments. I know you are thinking that the normal and healthy people are not having their proper rights then who will think about the deprived people. So I am here which is thinking for them and making you too to think about them.
Will you think about them? I am sure from now you will. Indeed you will.

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its not physically disabled peoples, its an special peoples and yes this is our level of understanding of civil rights and its not only sad its a shamed for us

yup brother you right very nice blog post and people must knew about the ideas so keep sharing new ideas and dont forgot me have a nice day

Life of the disabled persons is very tough in our country and our govt. does nothing to support them.

Well physically disabled persons are given good facilities by the government but it's implementation is not up to mark.

I think everyone individual has its own rights, our physically challenged countrymen also deserved same treatment as the normal ones