Be honest Pakistani, No spamming please.

Be honest Pakistani, No spamming please.

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Internet, the link to whole world. The source of entertainments, communication and earning. This open for all. People of all kinds surf internet and use according their need. We the writers use it for earning. Scamming and spamming is always there.

People want fast earning with hard work while on the other hand there are so many webs which do not pay while make money through the work of the people. In both cases the serious people like me are in loss. Spammers ruin webs through their unfair attitude and webs are closed or blocked in certain regions. While due to scamming we lose our reward of hard work.

Here I request to spammers please not here now please. This new web is the beam of hope for us. This for the first time that few young men have had courage to run such a web. This first web which will pay us direct in Pakistan Rupees. Please no spamming now. This my request to such a people who are used to spamming. They must understand that they will get their accounts deleted and put us in trouble.

Image is my own.

I agree totally with you! Its a good effort from loyal pakistanis for a earning source! But i am watching a lot of spammers around!! They should be deleted quickly like others site do!

sorry for this question as newbie here I would like to ask you if international users are welcome here in the chillky or it is for Pakistan only.I'm international user of the site from Philippines.

JackyBolonias please sent mail to admin to confirm it properly. Anyhow, payment is only Pakistan Rupees so I have doubt for the international users.