An open shame.

An open shame.

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Did you my dear Chillkey friends notice? I am noticing a very painful act in my homeland. Yes there are so many painful things which are trendy here in our homeland which can be discussed widely but at the moment I am rigorous on the child rape cases. As a father this is very painful for me to see that child rape cases are on rise here in Pakistan. Isn't this horrible for you?
Presently it has become open shame for us. World is aware that child …….abuse cases are increasing here in Pakistan. Being a writer I have a big international friends circle. I told proudly many times to them that we the Pakistanis are the best principled society. And now those international friends are asking me about this issue and really I do not have any answer.
As a nation where are we going? Our new generation is not being trained and instructed properly. Now this is the time to focus to educate the nation for this issue. Government must take measures because this is not less than terrorism.

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Yes, you are right in raising this issue. I think we are late marriages are causing such type of issues.

you brother this is so shameful and govt should take actions on that causes and aware our child's thanks for sharing such nice blog post and don't forgot me have a wonderful day

Yes you are right we should protest against child rape and perhaps then Government take notice about it . .