PP 78 By Election & Reactions

PP 78 By Election & Reactions

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On December 1st it was the day of by elections for a provincial seat in PP78 Jhang Punjab. There were many candidates for this seat including the candidates from big political parties like PMLN and PPPP.

The very strange thing of this event and the reason why I am writing about it is the winner of these elections . Guess who ???

No..... he isn't from PTI. His name is Masroor Nawaz and he belongs to Ahle Sunnat WalJamat or you may say he was the candidate of Laskhar E Jhangwi. And hard to believe he graphics more than 48000 votes.

If we think it in religious orbit , it seems to be the first step towards the Islamic way of ruling the country and at the same time it's a bad news for Shia community as the faith of Ahle Sunnat WalJamat is very strict for them and Shias are called kafir {non Muslim} by followers of this mind set.

On the other side some secular and liberal minded people say that this party is a terrorist party and this result is the end of National Action Plan.

You might hear some hot discussions about this topic in next days but I want to know your opinion about this because you might have opposite of mine and to be honest some where I am happy with this result.

Feel free to write your analysis in comment box.

Photo : Radio Pakistan Twitter