what a painting style..

what a painting style..

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How are my sweet friend.......
Now today i want to discuss the topic "painting".painting is used for different purpose....painting is an art and design.
"painting is an practical of applying pigment,colour,paint or other to the surface (support base).Painting may have for their support such as surface as, walls,paper wood, glass,clay and leaf etc. Painting is a mode of creative expression. Some things are important in painting such as.
Rhythm is important in painting as well as in music.Intensity is important in painting.....

everyone have nt the talent to paint..it is the talent which is gifted by the god who will paint like this... it looks so much creative and unique..

Painting is a great art and it requires some extra ordinary creative mind. I do love painting.

This is a great art. Nice painting. the painter is talented, I wish I could paint too. Nice share