characters of good man.

characters of good man.

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Friends i want to discuss some important aspects,which makes the beautiful life. No tention,worries and sorrows in his life.
First of all is.
If a man obey this aspects,he never feel tentoin in his life. Through the truth man wins the troubles.We wins something temporary for lying, but not permanently.
Patience:- .
If we obey this aspects,then we win the whole success of life. If we do something through early or not a proper time, then we do not get proper benifits. .

These are the good characters of successful man.please follow the aspects in the life to making beautiful.

we should must follow these things, they make our life beautifull. its our duty to tell the other people.

very good post. Ahsan bhai.... realy its our duty to tell the other people. we should follow it.

very good point...these points are good to spent a good and happy life.. good post