No people Like, Here?????

No people Like, Here?????

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How are you guyzz. Now I am very busy because our exam are near and in studying. I am full trying to manage the time for using the chillkey.
But I am very sad, when I see the my post, only 3 or 4 like.
I donot understand, why people not like our post.I think people are not known the option of like or our post are not meaning or our posts are not better.
I think We should have ability to writing something that we gain the attention of all readers.If i miss the writing skills then help me to correct these mistakes.Do not angry friends.

please friends try to like the post of evryone without fear....thanks a lot....

very good thinking friend..... you think the great ideas for evryone...keep it,,,,

master mind69 say absolutely right......... you should keep it up,,, thanks for awareness

You should write on interesting and mind catching topics. You should do some paper work before posting something.

good will be better with the not will see all correct.

In which grade are you? good luck for your exams! Its not the content in my opinion. Chillkey is just growing their are a few members and only a few take the time out to like and comment on others post.

very good concentrate on your exam firstly and secondly work on this site spare time